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Professr is a communications and networking platform for health professionals, that was created to encourage multi-disciplinary communication and help health professionals to support each other in an increasingly high pressure healthcare environment.

Currently, health professionals are utilising non-healthcare specific channels like Facebook groups, Whatsapp groups and even just email lists for their communications. Professr was developed specifically for the healthcare industry and its forum-like features allow members to upvote and downvote on answers to questions from their peers, creating a repository of community-rated information.

As a UK-based company with a strong belief in the principles of the NHS and universal access to healthcare, Professr is provided as a free resource to healthcare professionals, who must be validated as genuine health professionals before gaining access.

Our goal is to encourage fostering knowledge through information sharing.
We believe that having the opportunity to gain insights from professionals of different backgrounds enriches the perspective of the individual and can aid in supporting healthcare professionals make better decisions for their patients.


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