Professr launches app to support healthcare professionals

Professr launches app to support validated healthcare professionals

Professr has launched a web app for validated healthcare professionals to communicate, collaborate, provide support to one another, and ultimately improve patient care.

Accessible via a web browser, the Professr app provides a secure environment for healthcare professionals to share knowledge and work together across different medical disciplines and geographical borders.

The platform is free for healthcare professionals to use, but it is a closed community that is not open to the general public.

When signing up, healthcare professionals must provide their registration number that will be validated against that held by the local regulatory authority in their country of practice.

This ensures that all users of the Professr platform are appropriately qualified in their field of medical expertise, and they are expected to behave in a way that aligns with their respective professional codes of conduct.

There are three key features of the Professr app:

  • A forum-style feature that allows users to ask questions and contribute to discussions on any healthcare topic, whether it be diabetes, maternity or infectious diseases
  • The ability for users to search for connections and build their own community within the platform, and communicate with each other directly via private messaging
  • The ability for users to access and post relevant industry news, helpful guides and interview profiles, providing a content-rich experience.

Many healthcare professionals around the world are feeling increasingly undervalued and overstretched, with little support.

Professr aims to support healthcare professionals who care passionately about what they do by giving them a platform to build their own support network in a secure and professional setting.

If doctors want to create a community programme, clinical researchers want to share findings from a recent study, or dentists want to collaborate with physicians, Professr is the place to connect.

The Professr platform is independently owned and was created without the investment of commercial organisations.

For more information about the Professr app and how it works, visit the FAQ page.

Sign up today

The Professr platform is now available and accepting sign ups. Register here.

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